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Method and System For Minimizing Circulating Fluid Loss During Drilling Of A Well Bore By Using a Heated Circulating Fluid

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000008108D
Publication Date: 2002-May-17

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Joe Schmidt Manuel E. Gonzalez Ben Bloys Greg Pepin


A method and system for minimizing circulating fluid loss during drilling of a well bore and other well service operations is disclosed.  A circulating fluid, ie. mud, is heated prior to being used to flush cuttings from a well bore which is being drilled into a subterranean formation.  Consequently, the region of the formation in contact with heated circulating fluid is maintained at a relatively higher temperature than if a non-heated circulating fluid were used.  This region is constrained or bound by the surrounding formation such that region is maintained  in a relatively greater state of compressive stress than it would be at a lower temperature.  The enhanced compressive state of this region of the formation inhibits the growth and/or opening of fractures.  Consequently, loss of circulating fluid through these fractures during drilling is limited as compared to what losses would be using a lower temperature circulating fluid.