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Method for a compressed-air cooling design

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000008375D
Publication Date: 2002-Jun-11
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Disclosed is a method for a compressed air cooling design. Benefits include improved thermal performance.

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Method for a compressed-air cooling design

Disclosed is a method for a compressed air cooling design. Benefits include improved thermal performance.


              The disclosed method is a cooling solution for applications with limited vertical space where fans/sinks of adequate performance cannot fit or where conventional heatsink extensions to the sides become compromised by thermal spreading resistance.

              The disclosed method offers a hybrid cooling solution. Compressed air is directed to hot components while a conventional fan system cools lower thermal-risk components. Exhaust air from the enclosed heatsink envelope can be vented across a card, complementing flow momentum from hybrid system fans or returned to the manifold for a closed-loop design. This design addresses restricted vertical space above hot components by providing a low profile solution.

              Any leakage from liquid-cooled systems can be catastrophic. Leakage from the disclosed method is a simple release of air.

              The base edge of the unit interfaces with the processor like a typical heatsink.

              Key elements of the method include:

·        Board-level cooling system that uses compressed air delivered to components via rigid board-mounted tubing connected to an enclosed finned heatsink envelope surrounding the device to be cooled

·        Tube that connects to a backplane-mounted manifold via miniature quick-disconnect shut-off valves

·        Plugs in the PCB that make electrical and compressed air connections simultaneously

·        Compressor...