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Property Identification System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000008413D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Jun-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Jun-12

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Ambiga Subramanian, Timothy J. Collins Richard S. Rachwalski, Miles R. Jackson Joseph F. Wodka


A number of methods exist today, to prevent theft or the unauthorized movement of property. Many systems including the use of RFID technology are used to deter retail theft by affixing the anti-theft device to the merchandise in order to generate an alarm if the device is not deactivated prior to the merchandise leaving the store. A few systems exist to help in identification of the merchandise, these typically are in the form of a serial number or identification mark added to the external body of the merchandise. These forms typically take the shape of a metal or some other membrane tag attached to the exterior of the product for visual inspection. End users can further engrave a personal id onto the product either through use of permanent ink or engraving tools. In the case of merchandise such as autos, tracking devices can be employed for eventual recovery of the item. Such systems have significant limitations and disadvantages associated with their use. Identification tags or engravings can easily be removed or de-faced rendering the owner identification useless. Devices that can track a product and be used to identify the owner suffer from cost limitations and are often bulky limiting their use to expensive items such as autos.