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Translingual Instant Messaging (TrIM) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000008419D
Publication Date: 2002-Jun-12

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The TrIM prototype provides machine translation services to instant messaging users. TrIM and related prototypes are intended for use in coalition environments. A secure version of TrIM will be included in Coalition Collaboration MOIE system. Translation services are provided by wrapping machine translation software (Cybertrans) as a Simple Instant Messaging Presence (SIMP) client - see The SIMP protocol is used to request and deliver translations. This architecture allows fine-grained distribution of translation services, and is arguably the key technical innovation in the TrIM prototype. The TrIM client interface design ensures that each user always sees both the original message, and its translation. This allows the user to leverage any passive knowledge of the interlocutor's language to clarify imperfect machine translations. Machine translation engines are optimized for document translation, and expect relatively formal and correct language. By contrast, the Language used in IM and other chat tends to be terse, idiomatic, devoid of grammatical niceties, and laden with jargon. By instrumenting TrIM, various challenges to the translation can be noted, and the translation subsystem can be tuned. Cybertrans supports pre and post-processing, requiring no direct intervention in the COTS translation engines. This research must be done to make the technology most useful to a specific user community.