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Trajectory Modeler from User Request Evaluation Tool (URET) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000008420D
Publication Date: 2002-Jun-12

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he User Request Evaluation Tool (URET) Trajectory Modeling function models a 4-D (space and time) flight profile, or trajectory, that represents the predicted path of an aircraft through en-route airspace. The trajectory is generated by integrating flight plan state and intent data with site-specific adaptation, aircraft performance characteristics, and forecast winds and temperatures aloft. For active flights, track report updates are also integrated into the model. These updates provide aircraft position and altitude on a periodic cycle. Upon receipt of each update, the reported position and altitude of an aircraft is compared to the associated trajectory-predicted position and altitude. This process is referred to as Conformance Monitoring. If the reported and predicted position or altitude is out of an operationally acceptable tolerance, or conformance, the trajectory is remodeled. This process is referred to as reconformance. In addition to bringing the trajectory back into conformance, the process takes into account the observed behavior of the aircraft and adjusts remodeled trajectory speeds and altitude transition rates accordingly.