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Original Publication Date: 1997-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Jun-14

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Charles C. Vlamynck


Consumers have overwhelmingly evidenced an interest in cordless telephones. The problem is that most current Cordless and Cellular Phones do not have hands-free operation. This document describes an amplification unit for providing a hands-free operation which is both economical and possessing complete mobility of the user up to the range of the device to which the amplification unit is attached. The closest known technology is automobile based cellular units which have a headset that is restricted to the interior of the vehicle. All of these devices require the owner of the vehicle to hard mount a base unit within the vehicle. This in turn requires that the cellular unit remain in the vehicle since the base unit has a "plugged in head-set". It is a suitable operation for 'on the road travel' but does not allow the user to continue a conversation, in a hands-free mode, beyond the confines of the automobile. There are also a number of units available that will allow the user to have hands-free operation at a range of up to 25 feet. These units begin to generate static at approximately I3 feet depending on atmospheric conditions, lightning, and other environmental interferences. This latter restriction generally makes the units impractical for real mobility.