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Improved metal halide lamp system. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000008548D
Publication Date: 2002-Jun-21
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Improved metal halide lamp system.

To comply with standards defining pollution limits for radiated as well as conducted electromagnetic interference EMI in a metal halide lamp, the lamp is provided with an igniter combined with an EMI filter. Preferably the EMI filter is integrated with the igniter and the filter and igniter form an integral part of the lamp.

In this way the new lamp has a number of advantages: - the distance between the lamp and the EMI filter is reduced to a minimum, which reduces the influence of parasitics on the attenuation of the filter;

- improved performance of the filter due to its proximity of the load; - if the lamp is provided with an antenna as ignition aid a more accurate filtering is possible. The improved lamp has become possible as result of increased levels of technology. The improved lamp system is in particular suitable for in indoor lighting applications