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Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Jul-29

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James Hymel


Pagers are being adapted to offer various forms of advertising. The most common form of advertis- ing is administered by a paging service provider who sends a variety of graphical or text advertise- ments to pager users who have subscribed to the advertising service, and then assigns additional attributes to each advertisement. The attributes include: ad duration - time period (time/date) the ad is usable display duration - length of time in seconds the ad will be displayed related addresses I topic - which incoming mes- sages on which soume would be tied to this ad advertising priority - how often an ad is select- ed over other ads A new and compelling attribute, illustrated in Figure 1, is the introduction of key words - words that are associated with an advertisement. As mes- sages are received by a pager, the messages are scanned for the presence of words which match a list of key words, and when any of the words within the message match key words within the list, display of the associated ad will occur. In one instance, when multiple words match key words, the ad asso- ciated with the key word occurring most often would be displayed. In order that the display of the ad not be disruptive, the ad could be displayed immediately prior to reading the received message, or immediately after reading the received messages. Very short ads could also be embedded in the pre- sentation of the message, thereby providing only minimal disruption.