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Original Publication Date: 1999-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Aug-01

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Richard Vanegeren Anatoly Agulnik


Reduction of scheduled base station outage per the "Five 9's" initiative is a powerful mandate for implementing a scheme to minimize the length of time required for the iDEN Access Controller Gateway (ACG) to conduct code download sessions with Base Radio Controllers (BRC). This applies to initial download (i.e. after a site reset) as well as 'hot' Base Radio (BR) installations when multiple BRs are added to a site that is currently in service. Downloading BRC code on an Ethernet LAN that is actively serving voice traffic, however, can cause audio degradation secondary to increased packet delivery delays. The potential for this problem exists mainly on those sites on which there is a large number of hosts (one ACG and many BRCs) sharing the LAN. For these site configurations, the rate at which download sessions deliver packets must be controlled to ensure the availability of adequate LAN resources for timely delivery of voice packets. For smaller site configurations it is desirable to per- form code download at the fastest possible rate to minimize outage time. By dynamically adjusting the download rate according to the number of Table 1: Download time estimates registered BRs at the site, it is possible to minimize outage by conducting download sessions with all newly added BRs while ~simultaneously guarantee- ing an acceptable level of quality for end-user ser- vices.