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Gelled Compositions as Waxes and Polishes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009045D
Publication Date: 2002-Aug-02

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Mark Pavlin
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By utilizing a gellant component, the present disclosure teaches wax and polish compositions which impart outstanding gloss, outstanding mar- and water-resistance, and minimal dirt pick-up to applied substrates. In addition, these compositions exhibit good adhesion to polyurethane top-coats common in todays automotive finish market. Surprisingly, compositions exhibiting these properties can be generated very simply, requiring a formulation containing as few as 2 or 3 components, and nothing other than heat and a simple stirring motor to assemble a composition that is homogeneous in appearance, and gel-like, cream-like or paste-like in consistency. Thus, these compositions are easy to manufacture and make excellent waxes and polishes for furniture, automobiles, and other substrates. The wax and polish compositions as taught herein contain gellant, solvent that is gelled by the gellant, and optional ingredients. These compositions are preferably homogeneous in appearance, cream-like, gel-like or paste-like in consistency, and easily applied to substrate surfaces. A paste form of the composition may include an aliphatic solvent, while an emulsion form of the composition is provide for liquid/cream applications. The gellants used in the compositions are ester-terminated polyamides, amide terminated polyamides and other variants, and may have a non-crystalline structure (transparent) for excellent film formation and even (smooth) surface generation for high gloss development. UV stable and non-UV stable systems can be used for intermediate to long-lasting film integrity. The resins can provide good hydrolytic stability at extreme ambient temperature and humidity. The waxes can demonstrate excellent water beading/repellency.