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AZDEL Superlite Sheet - Commercial Guide part 2. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009067D
Publication Date: 2002-Aug-05
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SuperLite thermoplastic composite sheets, made by a modified paper making process, are a highly adaptable form of chopped glass reinforced resin that may be easily molded over a wide range of density to provide the required balance of properties for a host of applications. Relatively high glass fiber content is used to effect lofting, the tendency of the product to form a porous, low density structure with excellent insulating and flammability characteristics, depending on the particular resin, temperature and glass fiber content and molding pressure. Relatively high glass fiber content and low melt viscosity resin at the intended use or processing temperature are paired to maximize lofting. The resulting network tends to exhibit superior sound dampening properties, thermal insulation and fire performance without the use of halogen or heavy metal salts, while also providing high mechanical properties in a relatively easily moldable form. Resins such as polyetherimide (PEI) and polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) provide a superior balance of properties with outstanding flame resistance, stiffness, temperature capability and chemical resistance.

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AZDEL Thermoplastic Composites

SuperLite® - Commercial Guide

Technology that Endures

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AZDEL Thermoplastic Composites

SuperLite® - Commercial Guide

Advanced Concepts


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Load Floors


Living hinges

Carpeted panels

Row 2

Row 3

Benefits of SuperLite

for Load Floor applications:


Ease of processing

Ability to utilize numerous coverstocks

Tooling costs

Manufacturing efficiencies





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Section at side molded E/A


E/A molded in where a

sunroof or other cut (dome

lamp, over head console,

grab handles) would take

place during trimming

Utilizing edge scrap in SuperLite sheet




Molded position

Folded position


Utilizing trim scrap

E/A is cut into multiple pieces

and attached where required


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Low Package Space Requirement Headliner System

thin film speakers


Headliner Material in AZDEL SuperLiteTM

stiffer and lighter weight than comparable materials

energy management properties

surface stock can be attached in-mold

ability to be molded thinner than comparable materials

lower tooling cost

ease of assembly by virtue of SuperLite's flexibility

greater styling freedom

  sharp corner ability

  deeper draw capability

Mini wire harness

Thin Film Speakers

low power consumption

packaging requirement friendly

require remotely located sub-woofer for bass enhancement

for low-line a simple snap in bin

Overhead "Insert"

Front Storage Bin

Front Occupant Visors

Detail of energy absorbing thickened zones

for high line a rear

multi-media module

with DVD/CD player

and plasma display


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Modular Headliner


Rear Headliner Pad

for SUV variant only

loose attached to headliner halo

Modular Headliner with Pick-up rear roof bow added

Front Headliner Pad

common across all model-lines

loose attached to headliner halo


Front Headliner Halo

common across all model-lines

oversized, integral center storage bin

smaller personal storage bins

halo attachments to BiW capture and affix headliner pad

Rear Headliner Halo

for SUV variant only

rear occupant sun visors

overhead storage bins

ultra-thin multi-media displays

- plasma screens

- OLED Thin Film displays

halo attachments to BiW

capture and affix headliner pad

Coat Hook

oversize twist-n-lock attachment

acts as headliner attachments

Grab Handle

one piece gas assist molded

integral snap & push nail attachment

acts as headliner attachments


Rear Occupant Visors

acts as headliner attachments

maximum cargo capacity

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Headliner with Rear Lighting/Garnish Module


Rear Pillar Arch

Thermoplastic garnish and roof bow integral pillar trim


rear interior lighting

signal lighting

brake lighting

Centralized Light Engine

light "piped" via fiber-optic cables

CHMSL, signal, brake, map, dome, supplemental interior

Forward Roof Bow

rear view mirror mount

storage bin

map ligh...