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Scrolling and Panning with Anti-Aliasing Techniques Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009150D
Publication Date: 2002-Aug-09

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Joshua Fishman


[ IPCOM000000007S originally published 2001-05-16 18:34 UTC ] Abstract: A system implementing standard scrolling and panning on a sub-pixel level using anti-aliasing. Full Disclosure: A system which implements sub-pixel panning and scrolling for fonts and images. The system can take input on a macropixel level (using standard pointing-device sensitivity scaling) or on a sub-pixel level (using device drivers which process input using a smaller quantization level than macropixel). The system can scroll or pan smoothly using units smaller than a pixel, as large as a single pixel or larger than a pixel, in arbitrarily small increments down to the resolution of the anti-aliasing scheme used. The system can scroll or pan text, images or layouts containing text and images, including web pages. [ 000000007S 07S 7S ]