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Peer to Peer Direction Finding Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009151D
Publication Date: 2002-Aug-09
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Joshua Fishman: INVENTOR [+2]


[ IPCOM000000008S originally published 2001-05-16 21:32 UTC ] Disclosure: A system to translate absolute location data (such as is available to a GPS system or any cellular telephone) into relative direction and distance with respect to another unit, and then store, track and/or display the relative measures on one or both unit(s). Possible Implementation: with the addition of a compass, any cellular telephone with a graphical display could translate another cellular telephone's position into a relative direction and distance. It would be important for privacy to treat the transmission of one's position as one would a normal phone call: user A is notified that user B would like to initiate a peer-to-peer relative location function and accepts or rejects the function as he or she would any other phone call. [ 000000008S 08S 8S ]

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