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Variations to apparatus and method for inputting characters having a sliding button. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009155D
Publication Date: 2002-Aug-09

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[ IPCOM000000009S originally published 2001-06-20 18:27 UTC ] Amir Shiv 84 He Beiyar St. Appt. 6 Rosh Haain ISRAEL Email: Extensions to Israel Patent Pending No. 143667. Many elements can be added to this invention. Some are published here: In addition to the sliding button there are stationary "control" buttons that can be depresses while operating the slider. Those control buttons provide functions like the SHIFT, ALT, CTRL and ENTER keys in the standard keyboard. Means for preventing the button from being depressed when it is between two positions to avoid typing two adjacent characters at once or none at all. Means for locking the button when the apparatus is not in use to avoid random typing. The slider can be sunk so the button will not protrude from the surface of the device. Means for generating click sensation when the button is depressed or released so the user feels the state-change of the button. Moveably engaging the apparatus so it is folded or inserted into the handheld device when not in use. Even though, the invention discusses a small apparatus for handheld devices, it can be in any size and for desktop or stationary devices. The slider can be in curved shape to fit better the orbit of the operating hand or finger. For Interactive TV uses, an animation of the slider can be displayed on the TV screen. When dragging and depressing the animation shows the movements on the screen. As a result the user only need to look on the screen while operating the apparatus without shifting the look between the TV and the apparatus. Multi lingual support - As in standard keyboards it may desired that positions along the slider will represent alternatively characters in different languages. Additional character scales can be printed on the housing or displayed alternatively on the display. In order to attach the button to the finger while dragging its shape can be concave. Shape of the handheld device - today handheld devices are rectangular boxes. For easier operation of the engaged apparatus it may be desired to design a housing with curved sides that fits the curves of the holding hand. [ 000000009S 09S 9S ]