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Coating to resist oxidation in high temperature steam turbines Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009351D
Publication Date: 2002-Aug-19

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Bruce W. Roberts


Components for steam turbines operated at high temperatures and fabricated of conventional steels are provided with a nickel coating. The coating is applied by an electroless coating method. The coating thickness ranges from 2.5 to 100 microns. In a a subsequent thermal treatment of the coated component predominantly the nickel from the coating and elements from the parent steel interdiffuse which yields a stronger diffusion bond between base material and coating. At the same time the hardness of the coating can be increased. Componenets of any size and shape may be coated by this method including components that are typically too large for an immersion bath. For example, a valve chest may be coated by this method in that the valve chest iteself is used as the bath and reservoir for the coating solution.