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Method for embedded Media Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009383D
Publication Date: 2002-Aug-20
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Disclosed is a method for embedded media. Benefits include improved functionality, improved usability, and improved performance.

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Method for embedded Media

Disclosed is a method for embedded media. Benefits include improved functionality, improved usability, and improved performance.


        � � � � � Many people upgrade their own PCs. Modern plug and play (PnP) operating systems make this relatively easy if the driver is included with the operating system (OS). Due to the speed of the industry’s innovation, drivers for new devices are most likely not included as part of the operating system’s kernel or driver library. If the driver is included, it is likely to be out dated due to the continuous improvement cycles that many independent hardware vendors (IHVs) incur. When the driver software is not included, it must be provided to the OS by the user to install the device.

        � � � � � In the case of a new device, the driver software is typically easily accessible on a CD included with the product. However, in the case of an existing device, such as in an OS upgrade or reinstallation, the driver CD maybe difficult to locate. In this case, drivers are generally available on the IVH’s or other equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) website. If the device being installed provides Internet access, such as a DSL or cable modem or a LAN adapter, this situation creates a dilemma for the user.

        � � � � � Additionally, the OEM may have gone out of business or been acquired. In this case, the user may not know where to get the software required to replace the missing CD. This issue is so common that web businesses exist that are dedicated to its solution.

        � � � � � In addition to driver software, OEMs and IHVs also often provide configuration, diagnostic, and advanced services software on the device CD. This software generally cannot be included in the operating system’s driver library. For example, software enables a user to customize an adapter’s configuration for a usage model and system configuration. The software CD may also include advanced services software for quality of service (QoS) and virtual local area networks (VLANs). However, this software cannot be included with operating system distributions from the operating system supplier. When an OS is upgraded or reinstalled and the adaptor software CD cannot be located, the specialized services cannot be easily installed, and the device cannot be tuned for best performance.

General description

        � � � � � The disclosed method embeds the configuration and drivers software that accompanies most peripheral devices onto the device. This greatl...