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Programmable dynamic information tile embedded in road surface Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009398D
Publication Date: 2002-Aug-21
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Programmable dynamic information tile embedded in road surface

    A free programmable DRM-tile which can display a variety of messages, e.g. a text message like "Traffic Jam" or "Mist, hou voldoende afstand", or alternatively a picture. The DIT is analogous to the known DRIP (Dynamic Route Information Panel) which is mounted above the road, the DIT however being embedded in the road surface. The DIT comprises a two-dimensional array/matrix of Light Emitting Diode's optically connected to optical fibres which transmits and directs the light originating from the Light Emitting Diode's towards the drivers on the road. Each Light Emitting Diode is a pixel of the DIT. The DIT preferably is cased in a pre-fab concrete carrier.

Disclosed anonymously.