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Homogeneous extraction of lightflux from a curved lightguide Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009413D
Publication Date: 2002-Aug-21
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Homogeneous extraction of lightflux from a curved lightguide

Curved light guides suffer from the disadvantage that a homogeneous light extraction along its length direction is very difficult to obtain. To solve this disadvantage there are proposed two solutions, i.e.:

-� � a light guide split into a sufficient number of thin strips in the direction without curvature. For each strip randomly a length is chosen where the strip will end. At the end of each strip a surface is created that reflects the incident flux in the required directions;

-� � a light guide is divided in small parts along its length. Each part will have the appropriate distribution of disturbances on its front- and/or backside. The separate pieces are shaped and placed such that the flux leaving one part will enter the next part in the correct direction.

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