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Promoter sequences from the pathogenesis-related gene hin1 of Nicotiana tabacum and uses thereof Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009443D
Publication Date: 2002-Aug-24

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A plant defense response-inducible promoter was isolated from the tobacco hin1 gene. The hin1 promoter sequence was not available in public databases, though the cDNA was isolated previously (Gopalan S. et al., Plant J. 1996 Oct;10(4):591-600). The published coding sequence was used to isolate the hin1 promoter by 5’ RACE PCR. The hin1 promoter sequence is given below. The hin1 promoter may be useful for a number of approaches including, but not limited to plant pathogen resistance strategies, the construction of defense inducible reporter genes (e.g. defense inducible GFP), and plant based biological sensors. The utility of this promoter was shown in transgenic tobacco plants carrying the hin1 promoter fused to GFP.