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Coating Process with Improved Extrusion Arrangement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009574D
Publication Date: 2002-Sep-04

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A manufacturing method for mechanical closure systems for disposable diapers which uses a hotmelt coating process for providing laminates is disclosed. A problems with known solutions is that when stopping the web movement, the extrusion head will burn through the web due to overheating of the material. On the other hand, the web will have a certain forward feed when the web is completely stopped because of the inertia of masses in movement . While re-starting the web movement, an uncoated web area is obtained due to the forward feed. The Coating Process with Improved Extrusion Arrangement overcomes these problems with a movable arrangement of the extrusion head. The extrusion head will be elevated when stopping the web, and as a result no overheating will occur due to the larger distance of the extrusion head to the immobile web. Also, the extrusion head is moved along the distance of the forward feed described, exactly to the point, where the coated area ends. Long process interruptions due to burn through of the web as well as waste of web material (uncoated area) will be avoided with the improved method described above.