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Modifying Traditional Model Optical Proximity Correction (MOPC) Flow to Include Mask Writer Issues Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009586D
Publication Date: 2002-Sep-04
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The “Traditional” MOPC flow relies on an iterative process. This process involves taking the input data, dissecting it, permuting the dissected data, simulating the results and then iterating this process until the results of the data permutation fall within some “error budget” of the target input data. A fundamental flaw inherent in this process is that it fails to take into account downstream modifications that will be executed on the MOPC corrected data. In particular, the simulation step that happens uses as input the “ideal” mask image. Since mask writers are often not capable of producing these “ideal” figures, an error is introduced; one that could be accounted for by modifying the iteration the MOPC process performs. This error is most prevalent on non-45 degree edges.