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Parameterization For Full Shape And Rule Dependent Dissection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009587D
Publication Date: 2002-Sep-04

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09/675,582 09/675,197 09/676,375 09/676,356 [+details]


According to techniques of the present invention, an optimal bias is computed for a segment in a mask layout using a proximity effects model to account for non-equivalence and non-linearity between changes in mask layouts and changes in printed features. As used here, a bias is a measure of the distance between a segment of an edge in an adjusted fabrication layout, like a mask layout, from a corresponding edge in the original fabrication layout. The edge in the original fabrication layout corresponds to an edge in a design layout. The optimal bias is selected to give an adjusted mask layout that produces an edge in the printed features layer in closer agreement with a corresponding edge in the design layer than is available using conventional procedures.