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Method and Apparatus for Blocking a Task Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009588D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Sep-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Sep-04

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Donald L. Tietjen Kristen L. Mason


Users need the capability to debug their code/system in real time. The ability to stop one or more threads of a multi-threaded program is becoming even more important as embedded systems are gaining popularity. If a system contains a simple debug trigger module and a machine which sequentially runs unrelated real-time tasks, a mechanism to debug one task without starving other tasks is required, especially if one of the others tasks is used to drive the debug monitor via a serial port, for example. This invention contains some programmable registers that allow individual tasks to be halted without freezing the entire system. At this point, the user may debug his task step-by-step or in a variety of other ways, depending on his debug software environment. The invention is relevant to systems with distinct tasks and some debug capability.