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Original Publication Date: 2000-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Sep-13

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James Hymel


Users of on-site/off-site devices will find them- selves occasionally in the domain of an on-site sys- tem that is limited in coverage. However, while in the presence of this on-site system - the user prefers that messages be delivered via this system - typical- ly because the cost is cheaper. However, while the user may fall out of coverage of the access-points of this on-site system (i.e. base-stations), the user may still be in range of other mobile subscribers - WHO do have access to these base stations. How can the remote subscriber get messages to the access point without inundating these subscribers that lie in this go-between region - without requiring the remote user to switch to wide-area (costly) support or walk the distance to the base station? SOLUTION Access point toll charging is an invention that allows for subscribers near an access point to charge a fee to pass message traffic on from other devices - that do not have an immediate RF comection to the access point. The remote subscriber connects with this intermediate subscriber, requests to transfer a message of N bytes, and is given a fee charge by the intermediate subscriber (N cents) to perform the transfer. The remote subscriber can agree, initiate an e-commerce transaction (i.e. pay the fee) and then transfer this message.