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Current Breaker Activated by an Output Short-Circuit Fault and Deactivated at the Fault Suppression Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009810D
Publication Date: 2002-Sep-19

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A new circuit method turns off the output transistors of an output buffer when a fault is detected. The fault state is maintained until it is cleared. Typically, output buffer circuits limit the current to some level. This current level may be 2 or 3 times the normal current level of the circuit. Maintaining such high current levels may result in failure of the circuit unless some form of thermal protection is added for protection. Unlike typical digital buffers circuits, this circuit can be used with currents in the range of hundreds of milliamps to several amps. Naming a few applications, this circuit can be used in the output of an audio amplifier, the output of a low drop out regulator (LDO) and as power supply output. Key Words Output Buffer Fault Fault Clearing