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Systems and Methods for Cutting a Hole in Bony Matter for Implantation of a Medical Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009835D
Publication Date: 2002-Sep-20

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A template-guidance system is secured to an even or uneven bony surface. A surgical tool, such as a drill, possibly with tool attachments, such as a shield, follows a template-guide of the template-guidance system to cut a precisely shaped hole without damaging underlying tissue. The bone is removed, exposing the precisely shaped hole for placement of a correspondingly shaped medical device. The disclosed template-guidance systems also allow for placement of slanted holes in the bone to facilitate suturing around the base of the hole. The template-guidance systems also provide a slot for creating a groove in the bone for a neurostimulation lead or catheter exit. The template-guidance systems also provides a deformable member(s) (or are themselves deformable) for use on uneven surfaces.