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Method for peer-to-peer secure storage

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009974D
Publication Date: 2002-Oct-02
Document File: 3 page(s) / 118K

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Disclosed is a method for peer-to-peer secure storage. Benefits include improved useability.

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Method for peer-to-peer secure storage

Disclosed is a method for peer-to-peer secure storage. Benefits include improved useability.


        � � � � � A user may backup and protect their files from corruption by making a copy to the Internet. Conventionally, this would require the user to copy files to a server on the Internet where the files would reside.

General description

        � � � � � The disclosed method describes a system for storing files securely on the Internet based on peer-to-peer collaboration.

        � � � � � The key elements of the disclosed method include:

•        � � � � Application for retrieving computer files from the web

•        � � � � Application for accepting and storing computer files on individual computing machines

•        � � � � Individual files

•        � � � � Encoded file fragments that are stored on distributed computers

•        � � � � Virtual folder that represents Internet-saved files


        � � � � � Some implementations of the disclosed structure and method provide one or more of the following advantages:

•        � � � � Improved usability due to eliminating the reliance on a central server

•        � � � � Improved usability due to the availability of the Internet

•        � � � � Improved cost effectiveness due to eliminating the cost of a central server

Detailed description

        � � � � � The disclosed method describes a method of saving secure electronic files over the Internet using peer-to-peer technology rather than storing the information on a central server.

        � � � � � By agreeing to collaborate with other users on the Internet, you can store private information that can be accessed anywhere on the Web. A central server is not utilized. A peer-to-peer community is used to store files.

        � � � � � By allowing peer-to-peer networks to create virtual server disk space, opportunities are created for greater flexibility than servers deliver. For instance, files could be fetched from peer computers that...