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Patient Adapted Respiratory Navigators Disclosure Number: IPCOM000009999D
Publication Date: 2002-Oct-08
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Patient Adapted Respiratory Navigators

        � � � � � � � � � � � In a magnetic resonance imaging method an magnetic resonance image of a moving object is made. A navigator is used to adapt the region of interest which is actually imaged to the motion of the object.

Often the motion concerns breathing motion of the patient to be examined. The navigator relates to a navigator region which is usually different from the region of interest. Usually the navigator relates to the diaphragm-lung transition.

        � � � � � � � � � � � An additional navigator preparation scan is made, which dynamically images both the navigator region and the region of interest. The data from the navigator preparation scan are analysed to identify a particular anatomic landmark. Further the relation between the motion of the navigator region and the identified landmark is determined.

The region of interest is adapted on the basis of both the navigator signal and the determined relation between navigator region and indentified landmark.

The region of interest that is actually imaged very accurately follows the actual motion of the object.

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