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Using an XML definition of a system for automatic diagnostic Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010105D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Oct-23
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The control blocks of a system are described in XML which enables general purpose routines to be written, for example, to analyse a storage snapshot, such as a dump. The program may then identify whether or not the storage analysed conforms to the XML description.

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Using an XML definition of a system for automatic diagnostic

A system can be described by reference to its control blocks. For example, control blocks can described or defined using XML. Using XML, this control block definition can include data tags which can be used to describe each variable and its possible contents
(e.g. constants, ranges, sets of values, link or chain etc). By doing this a general purpose routine can then use these definitions to analyse a storage snapshot, such as a dump, and identify whether the storage conforms to the description or whether it is corrupt. This would simplify the current human analysis of dumps by flagging any storage overwrites.

    An additional use of this would be to use this structure to generically format a dump.

    Subsets of a full XML schema could be made available to users so as to either simplify the analysis or formatted output. Subsets could also be used to provide some information, but ensuring that other information remains confidential.

    It is not necessary to create all of the system in one go. One can create as much or as little of the control block tree as one wants. This is especially useful if some of the tree is not well defined, e.g. control blocks of very variable format.

    The XML definition could either be generated from a control block, and then tailored. Or the control block could be generated from the XML.

    The advantage is that the creation of a system description in XML would be much simpler than creatin...