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Global Route Header Next Header Rule Enhancement for InfiniBand Transports Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010131D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Oct-24
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Global Route Header Next Header Rule Enhancement for InfiniBand Transports

  As per the InfiniBand Architecture (IBA) specification, the presence of Base Transport Header (BTH) is indicated by the Link Next Header (LNH) values in the Local Route Header (LRH). The Global Route Header (GRH) next header field really doesn't provide any useful information in regards to the BTH. The BTH, in turn, provides information on the presence of other headers.

The specification states that the GRH:Next header value = 0x1B indicates a good InfiniBand (IB) packet. Any other value indicates a bad packet.

This proposal suggests a different rule for IBA transports:

* The presence of BTH is indicated by LNH - (as already specified in IBA)

* The GRH:Next Header value is ignored by IB transport engine. It provides no useful purpose anyway. BTH's presence is mandatory in all the IB transports. The LNH indicates the presence of BTH (IB transports) or not (raw).

The GRH is available to the Queue Pair (QP) user. The GRH can include any of the well known protocol values as defined by the Internet Assigned Number Authority

(IANA) or it can be restricted to the following three.

* the value 4 indicates Internet Protocol (IP).

    The IP over InfiniBand (IPoIB) encapsulation, therefore, doesn't need an ethertype. The value is determined from the GRH next header.

* The use of value 97 indicates (used by etherip otherwise) that an ethertype as in Raw Header (RWH) is included.

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