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IBM PC brick package Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010132D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Oct-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Oct-24
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IBM PC brick package

  With todays PC's, many consumers' desire for space savings both in the home and in the office is a primary importance. Combine this with the popularity of laptops and the improvements in cost and packaging of laptop components, and it becomes obvious that a new package would be highly desirable. This would be known as the PC "brick" package. The essential component of the "brick" would be a laptop PC with no keyboard, pointing device, or screen. Left intact would be the entire balance of the components. This would provide a very small package that could be sold along with standard monitor, keyboard, and pointing devices that would be plugged into the "brick" just as someone would plug in the monitor, external keyboard, and pointing devices to either a standard laptop or desktop system.

The advantages would mainly be space savings. Most consumers do not open the CPU unit of a PC, thus the upgradability or commodity parts of a desktop are not always required. The brick would save on desk space, packaging and shipping costs, and could be even mounted to the back of a monitor stand. The brick would be packaged similar to a standard laptop where it could be connected to a docking station and moved between office and home where two docking stations would be connected to provide IO capabilities.

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