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Optima Stabilizer Clip Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010195D
Publication Date: 2002-Nov-04
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A stabilizer system for a suspended ceiling system, especially those with large panels and various panel thicknesses. The system allows ease in accessability.

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Invention Title: Optima Stabilizer Clip.


Create a stabilizer system for suspended ceiling, using large panel and various panel thicknesses. It needs to hold grid position in a variable dimension and to allow a 100% ceiling accessibility.

Detailed Description of the Invention:

The stabilizer system is a metal clip call Optima stabilizer clip.

It is composed of a tang (1) with two barbs to register off the back of the panel,

a bayonet (2) with five barbs to spear in the side of the panel, and an hook (3) to hook the panel on the top of the grid. The barbs (4) prevent the clip from pulling off the panel.

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Advantages of the Invention

- Allow to space grid farther a part by preventing the grid from bowing.

- Prevent panels from falling out of grid.

- 100% accessibility.

- One component for different sizes and thickness.

- Less expensive, than present solution.

- Seismic compatible.

Key Novelty:

- Using the existing panel to stabilize the grid.

Publishing November 4, 2002