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NEXSYS : Application Architecture for Securities Industry Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010200D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Nov-05
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NEXSYS-the NEXt-generation SYStem architecture for general securities industry.

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NEXSYS : Application Architecture for Securities Industry

1. Background

Years ago, IBM Korea introduced SCOPE-8 to provide an efficient computing infrastructure for the Securities industries and contributed to Securities companies growth. Today, as business environments changes rapidly and technical development speeds up, IBM Korea developed the next-generation architecture called NEXSYS and embodied it through LG Securities project(V21 Information System project).

1.1. Business Management Needs - Build customer satisfaction system to meet customers' needs change. - Incorporate specialization needs - Respond to the change on profit base. - Respond to financial services grouping.

1.2. Computing Environments Needs - Regardless of the size of system, application should be scalable and flexible. - Cut down maintenance cost - Enable deferred-processed object DB real-time interaction. - Need to establish system to manage distributed object DB. - Need 24/365(BATCHLESS) system.

2.1. Objectives - Develop PLATFORM for Securities Industry Application - Provide total solution covering from MAINFRAME, BRANCH PROCESSOR to CLIENT - Object-Oriented and Business-Oriented system

      -> Respond to new business needs more efficiently and rapidly - Objectify BUSINESS LOGIC

      -> Maximize reusability -> Easy to combine and separate - Enhance performance by providing Application development tool

2.2. Features - APPLICATION is independent from H/W PLATFORM - Since ENGINE part(OBM MANAGER) is

developed in MVS and UNIX environment and APPLICATION is developed with VISUAL

GENERATOR, Business LOGIC can be generated to the desired target machine and can be

executed on any system.

Application can be moved easily on 3-Tier System, which makes C/S System Architecture

easy to change and reconfigure. - APPLICATION is independent from external networking environment - By its nature,

Securities Industries relied heavily on the networking with the external institutions

(ex: Korea Stock Exchange(KSE), Banks, Other Securities Companies, News Provider and so

on), Business Logic and Networking Logic were mingled in the APPLICATION. However,

NEXSYS makes networking part a separated object and BIZ LOGIC exists as another object

to process DATA transmission and receiving EVENT. - 3 Tier Architecture

NEXSYS application is strictly for 3-tier architecture. That is, its structure is

composed of data management, biz logic, and user interface and its components are

independent from each other. Rules are separated from biz logic. In addition, NEXSYS

application provides common services, such as security management, error & message

processing, user map setup and help.

2.3. Benefits - Actively Respond to the Securities Industries change - Easy to incorporate New IT Technical trends - Efficient Strategic information
- Objectify system
- Easy to use

<Figure> NEXSYS Conponents


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