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Primary current controlled low-voltage LED driver Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010201D
Publication Date: 2002-Nov-05
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Primary current controlled low-voltage LED driver.

Controlling the current through an LED implies in most cases using a sensing resistor. Especially for applications where a single LED is to be controlled, this sensing resistor contributes for a large part to the conversion losses.

A more cost effective and less PCB space demanding solution can be achieved by sensing the average current from the power supply (e.g. 24V). It is possible to achieve a sufficient degree of load current regulation with a fairly accurate power supply.

A further advantage of the described method is that the power supply will not exhibit a negative impedance. So there is no need for incorporation of an extensive under-voltage lock out circuit.

Modules of DC/DC converter as power supply and LED modules can easily be placed in parallel when using this approach.

An example of the described solution is shown in the figure below.