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Low Molecular Weight PPE Resin as Flow Promoter to Thermoplastic Resins Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010231D
Publication Date: 2002-Nov-07
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PPOÒ SA120 resin is a new low molecular weight (Mn »2500) polyphenylene-ether (PPE) resin recently commercialized by GE Plastics as a polymer additive. In addition to having the well-known properties inherent to PPE, this new resin has an excellent thermal performance (glass transition temperature (Tg) of 165°C) combined with a characteristic feature of improved processability. The low molecular weight of the new PPE resin allows PPE to be more easily processed in high heat thermoplastic systems. Comparative examples of PPOÒ SA120 and polystyrene are shown in the report. Reported herein is an evaluation of PPOÒ SA120 resin in a PPE-based thermoplastic formulation. Data shows that adding lower molecular weight PPE leads to a higher flow promotion. It also could have higher impact resistance and a negligible decrease on heat distortion temperature (HDT). Improvements in melt flow index and impact resistance are gained with the addition of low molecular weight PPE. SA120 may also be added to many other thermoplastics as a flow promoter. Key Words: polyphenylene oxide, PPO, polyphenylene ether, PPE, flow promotion, flow promoter, high heat thermoplastic, melt flow

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GE Plastics

Jan. 15, 2002

Development of PPO® SA120 as Flow Promoter to Thermoplastic Resins


Experimental: SA120/high IV PPE blend

DOE results (Design of Experiments)


Global Noryl® Resin, GE Plastics

PPO® and Noryl ® are a registered trademarks of General Electric Company

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GE Plastics



Keep heat performance

No remarkable drop at Tg

Improve flow (MFI)

Lower processing temp.

Flow promoter


Add to


high heat performance


Low IV, high flow

Thermoplastic resins

Such as PPE, PEI, PEEK

Widely used at Auto, Electric, Machine…

Application Example

Present product

Customer requirement:

No more design space at present material !!

Noryl® resin

High flow

resin composition:

PPE* 76

polystyrene 16

rubber 8


MFI 12.4 g/10min

Izod 25 kgcm/cm (4.59 ft-lb/in)

HDT 159.8 °C

* Refers to High IV PPE

Investigate flow promotion effect of PPO® SA120

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GE Plastics


PPE/SA120 blend (Four Components Mixture DOE)


Extruder: twin screw

Ext. Temp. (C): 250 (ext. pattern: 01-09)

Screw speed (rpm): 200

Output (kg/hr): 40


(based on Noryl® resin)

PPE (high IV) 70-95

SA120 (low IV) 0-20

Polystyrene 0-25

Rubber 5-30

Stabilizers 0.4

Carbon black 0.5


Drying temp. 120C, 2hr

Injection Molding pattern: M3-01


using standard ASTM conditions.

Izod (kgcm/cm): 1/8 in.

Tensile Strength (kg/cm2): ASTM-1, 10mm

Tensile Elongation (%): ASTM-1

Flexural Strength (kg/cm2): ¼ in., 2.5mm

Flexural Modulus (kg/cm2): ¼ in.

HDT (C): ¼ in., load...