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e-System using internet for simplified Commuter's ticket issuance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010285D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Nov-18
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Disclosed is a e-system using internet for simplified commuter's ticket issuance.There were several complications on the current commuter's ticket issueance. Disclosed system resolves these complications using e-system like internet. Customers are released from following complications by the disclosed system.This system provides barrier free to disabilities also. 1) To stand in a line and wait for his/her turn at the station 2) To Fill in a form for commuter's ticket at the station 3) To wait for the preparation of his/her own ticket at the station

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e-System using internet for simplified Commuter's ticket issuance

The commuter's ticket issueance is currently performed as follows .
1) Customer to go to the station and stand in a line to wait his/her turn
2) Fills in an application form for his/her own communicator's ticket.
3) Customer has to wait until when his/her own commuter's ticket is prepared.
4) Receive his/her own ticket for the payment..

Disclosed system is as follows
1)Custommer fills in a application form on the PC or PDA screen at anywhere
2) data is sent to the station and recept data is sent from the station to the customer via internet
3) Commuter's ticket is prepared at the station
4) Customer goes to the station with recept
5)customer receives his/her own ticket for a recept and money


application form



Disclosed System

 advantages by the disclosed system Customers are released from following complications 1.Stand in line and towait his/her turn at the station 2.Fill-in the application form at the station 3.To wait the Commuter's ticket preparations

This system is intended to resolve customers complications with minimum investment. Then the payment and delivery are not included on the e-system.

Disclosed by International Business Machines Corporation


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