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A simple technique to manage sensitive data in a file Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010301D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-19
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Nov-19
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A simple technique to manage sensitive data in a file

Disclosed is a technique that can be used to allow an user to enter sensitive data in clear text in a file.

If a file contains some sensitive data(data that should be protected), in the form of key-value pair, which should be encrypted, but the user or program(for example, install or configuration program) does not know how to encrypt it then the user/program can set the data in clear text. The program using this data(which knows how to encrypt/decrypt it) will encrypt the data and store in back in the file once it recognizes that the data is in clear text. This is achieved by defining another key and storing the clear text data using that key. For example, if "AppPassword" key is supposed to contain the encrypted password data then the user/program can set the "AppPasswordInClear" key to clear text value of the password data and delete the "AppPassword" key. The program, which uses this value, will first try to find the "AppPassword". If it is not found then it will find the value of "AppPasswordInClear", encrypt it, store the encrypted value using the "AppPassword" key and delete the "AppPasswordInClear" key from the file. This way the sensitive data can be encrypted without exposing the encryption technique or code to an user or another program.

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