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Deterministic Event Processing and Optimal Transmission (DEPOT) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010316D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Nov-20
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Deterministic Event Processing and Optimal Transmission (DEPOT)

  Successful and timely event processing is not assured without a model to determine the optimal and appropriate delivery system. DEPOT defines a common set of attributes and requirements for event handling, not only to help an event reach its intended destination, but to increase the probability and performance of event processing. These events are not limited to binary data, but include other mediums such as voice transmissions and the shipping of letters and packages.

Here is a description of the proposed model to solve this problem:

DEPOT Level 1 Compliance

To achieve level one compliance, a service or system must queue all events that are received and ensure that all events are processed in order of priority or arrival. The sender of these events or messages is informed of the queue, but no alternative solutions are available for the sender to achieve a better response. The purpose of this level of compliance is to ensure that events are not lost, and that they are handled by the receiver in the quickest possible manner without delegation or autonomic processes.

Receiver Agent Sender Receiver

Event Queue

An example of a level one compliant system is a cell phone with voice mail. Even if the phone is busy, unreachable, or off, a person calling the phone can leave a message on the voice mail system. The process is complete when the phone's owner is available and answers the messages saved in the voice mail queue.

DEPOT Level 2 Compliance

In addition to ensuring that no events are lost, a level two compliant service or system must have rules associated with event handling at the receiving end that can delegate events to secondary receivers or forward the even...