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Method for maintaining code dependence references Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010319D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Nov-20
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Method for maintaining code dependence references

As programmers, we often create files for many projects. These files often require changes during their life cycles due to bug fixes and updates. These constant changes on files are easy to track when the project is small. However, when the projects are larger and contain a larger number of files that are dependent upon one another, then tracking these files changes become overwhelming. What we need is a way to track a file's dependencies. In other words, when we change one file, other files that are related to it would need to be updated as well. This would be handled by an application or editing tool that looks for the dependency tags described within this patent.

New tags would need to be created to track the dependencies of a file. Here, we present an example in HTML to describe the patent idea. This example would be handled by an editing tool that would implement the dependency tag handling scheme. There would be four new tags looking something like <hdep> and ending with </hdep> or <bdep> and ending with </bdep>. The naming convention is not the purpose of this patent. The <hdep> signifies that the file is a dependent of another file, and the other file would contain a <bdep> which signifies that the first file is its dependent.

For example, suppose we have two files called File1.html and File2.html. When a user updates File2.html, there would need to be a way to tell the owner of the other file (File1.html in this example) that File2.html was updated and that the File1.html might need to be updated as well. Of cours...