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Synching of clients and server web sites Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010323D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Nov-20
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Disclosed is a system designed to ease the process of web site content maintenance. In particular, a developer is provided with a system to know their live web site has the most recent code up that they intended.

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Synching of clients and server web sites

Disclosed is a system designed to ease the process of web site content maintenance. For web masters/ developers, it can be very important to keep their web site up to date. Many times, a web developer will update a site on their local hard drive, thinking that later they can upload updates to the site. Unfortunately, the minds of webmasters/ developers can get crowded with other things and many times, an update is not performed on the "live site" since updates were not uploaded. The proposed system aims to reduce the chances of such an occurrence.

The idea is for a directory which is used to store files on the web server to be coordinated with the web server. What will happen is a directory/file icon can be changed to a different color to visually let the webmaster know that a dichotomy exists between files on the server and files on the local development machine. There can be two way communication. A different colored icon can be used for a file which is newer than the file on the server, and vice versa. This information of which files are newer/can be updated every time the user logs into the FTP server of the web server. The program will check and see which files were modified/uploaded (and when), from this information can be extrapolated the info of which files on the server are newer/older and which files on the client are newer/older.

From there, the program can take care of informing the operating system to change i...