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Partial Product Removal Alert Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010326D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Nov-20
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Partial Product Removal Alert

Partial Product Removal Alert provides a warning when a user removes or is about to remove a file that is part of a installed product. When the user attempts to remove/move/rename that is part of an installed product, they are warned that the installed product may cease to function properly.

The AIX and Windows* operating system use different methods of tracking file inventories. For example, in AIX the cached list of files important to the systems configuration is kept in /etc/objrepos/inventory. In Windows this information is kept in the program's uninstall script. Regardless, the operating system's install program could monitor the install process and automatically generate a file inventory. This product file inventory would be cached and referenced before any remove, move, or rename action is executed. If the file is in the cache, the user or superuser is warned of consequences affecting the functioning of the operating system or install package. The Windows operating system protects some directories where it is common for install packages to reside, for example: c:\Program Files\. It will warn the user to use the install/uninstall tool to alter this directory. However, there is no warning if the remove is issued from the command prompt, or if the install program is in a unique non-standard directory, as most install/configs allow.

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