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Fragrance lamp

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010339D
Publication Date: 2002-Nov-21
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ID 610452:

Fragrance lamp

Disclosed is an incandescent or discharge lamp which, during operation, gives a pleasant odor. The odor material is provided inside the space enclosed by the lamp cap. The odor material evaporates and is evenly distributed due to the heat developed by the lamp during operation. The odor material preferably is enclosed in a solid, porous matrix. The odor shall be non-toxic and non-irritating to humans and pets, alternatively the odor material my have insect-repellent properties.

ID 608524:

Incandescent lamp without feedthrough

In incandescent lamp is disclosed in which the standard current feedthrough is replaced by an inductive power transfer. This is realized by enveloping both the filament and an induction element in a glass envelope. The induction element being positioned in the glass neck part of the envelope and being surrounded by an induction wire on the outside of the neck part. The induction wire being positioned inside the lamp socket and is connected to a transformer.