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Intelligent light emitting stop line Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010340D
Publication Date: 2002-Nov-21
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ID 610371:

Intelligent light emitting stop line

The coupling of the color of light to the ambient light and in relation to the desired contrast is known. Said coupling method is already applied in a luminair that is embedded in a road surface. However, presently known luminaires using said contrast coupling are generally too large and difficult to install. By using as the light source Light Emitting Diode's with a very specific light emitting angle, i.e. towards the observer in an angle range of 10-25° with the road surface, the size of the luminaires can be significantly reduced. By positioning a plurality of said luminaires in the road surface and in a direction transverse to the road axis, the luminaires are in the attention focus of drivers, and additionally light of sufficient intensity and contrast is obtainable then.