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Single Disk Cold Track Encoding via Mag/Glide Certifiers

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010357D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Nov-21
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This Disclosure describes the use of Single Disk Cold Track Encoding via Mag/Glide Certifiers for 100% disk media traceability.

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Single Disk Cold Track Encoding via Mag/Glide Certifiers

Disclosed is a method for providing cradle to crusher disk traceability using Single Disk Cold Track Encoding via Mag/Glide Certifiers. Having 100% single disk traceability allows our customer support engineers and failure analysis groups to have full disk history traceability back to the disks original manufacturing history data. This method significantly reduces the risk of manufacturing data loss that often occurs under the current method using the cassette/slot traceability method. If a disk is moved out of it's original cassette/slot position after it's shipped or if a disk is reused by a disk drive manufacturer which often occurs up to 20% of the time, disk history traceability can be lost. This method utilizes Morse code ( Alpha/Numeric ) that is relatable to the disks original disk process cassette/slot position and manufacturing history data, (See Ref. #1). The encoded disk ID is written out to the signal generator over a GPIB channel already installed on Turbo Vixen Certifiers. Using the write gate on the Certifier the Morse Encoded Write Signal is written onto the disk media outside the data region. The encoded mark is visible by Ferro magnetic fluid development, (See Ref. #2), or automatically read on the Mag test spin stand certifier Guzik electronic scanner.

The following shows Morse code used for Single Disk Cold Track Encoding (Ref. #1)

This sample is one character of the Cold Track mark wit...