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A mechanisim for visualizing JSP custom tags in HTML editor design time view Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010369D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Nov-22
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A mechanisim for visualizing JSP custom tags in HTML editor design time view

    JSP custom tags have been useful in many web site pages currently. However, HTML/JSP authoring editors which do not run without any JSP server cannot render the custom tags because the tags get processed at the run time with JSP server. This mechanism which we propose here will get rid of this problem by making it possible for the editors to render the custom tags easily.

This invention makes it possible for user to edit JSP pages with appropriate rendered custom tags in HTML WYSIWYG editor design time view without any JSP server environment.

Custom tags are currently rendered as an icon or are simply not rendered in HTML WYSIWYG editor design time view. Even if an editor can render custom tags in design time view. Here the editor requires a server environment and renders tags with information from the server. Currently, there is no HTML WYSIWYG editor which renders custom tags without a server environment. It would be helpful to a user of the editor if a better visual presentation of custom tags is available in an editor. By this invention, the editor does not need any server environment, and can render custom tags appropriately in design time.

By defining some interfaces to return virtual HTML tags for an appropriate visual presentation and providing the interfaces to developers and writers of custom tags, HTML WYSIWYG editor can render custom tags through the interfaces in design time...