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secure trading of software materials between two parties Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010372D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-22
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Nov-22
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secure trading of software materials between two parties

    Disclosed is a secure method to trade visual software data (such as images and movies. just call "data" hereafter) between two parties, a seller and a buyer. Using this method, the seller does not need to present the complete data to the buyer unless the buyer pays for it. This prevents that the complete data is passed in the buyer's hand in case the trade failed. Also for the buyer, she or he can make sure that the seller really has the complete data before payment. This prevents the buyer from getting a fake data after payment. So for both parties, their assets are protected during the trading negotiation.

The method disclosed in this RD is as follows.

By browsing thumbnails or catalogues, the buyer selects an image (or movie) data and initiates a trading.

The buyer presents a character string to the seller along with an identification of the data that she or he wants.

The seller makes modification to the data based on the character string passed from the buyer. The modification should meet

the following criteria. the modification should be visible and recognizable that it's based on the character string. For example, assuming the character string presented is "orange", the modified data would look like as follows.

    the character string should well cover the data so that the data is not usable. from unmodified portion of the data, the buyer should be able to examine the detail of the data. The seller passe...