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Flexible Clip for Seismic Installations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010392D
Publication Date: 2002-Nov-24
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A set of clips that enables ceiling panels to be fixed in place to securely meet seismic requirements, while allowing the ceiling plane to be accessible.

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A Flexible Clip Apparatus for Seismic Installations

The clips of the present invention enable panels to be fixed in place securely to meet seismic requirements.� The may be applicable progressively or non-progressively.� Furthermore, the panels should be accessible at any point in the ceiling with the use of the clips with the application and access in an efficient manner.

The panels include hold down clips that engage and lock the panel in place, as the panel is rested on its supports.� The hold down clips use a “long” horizontal spring arm with a cam and latch on the end.� The cam withdraws the latch surface as the panel is dropped into place.� A tool can be used to engage the cam and withdraw the latch to achieve panel access.� The seismic clips do not complicate panel installation, and access remains an easy task.

The clips go under a J bar and can be easily released when needed and not under “seismic” conditions.� The position of clip affects positively ease of manufacturability registered system for installation ease and self-leveling.� Create a moment arm in a different plane than the locking mechanism.

Features of the clip system include a seismic application and accessible hook-on metal panel ceiling system.� Furthermore, the horizontal “longer” spring arm permits greater latch travel with minimum vertical cam forces.� The present clip is engaged after the panel disengages, thus preventing the panel from disengaging.� The may also be attached on an adjac...