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Delivering Online Patches as Incremental Load Files Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010403D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Dec-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Dec-25

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The invention concerns the structure of the files used to deliver online patch corrections to field instal-lations, and their delivery and readying for application on the field installation. Thereby incremental loadfiles are defined as files containing a change to a given software load in the following terms:  code anr/or data segments  plus the information where to load onto a platform, which is running the given software load  plus the information how to link these into that given software load Hence they can, but not need, have a format derived from standard load formats. They only contain the information about the change the patch is performing, not about the specific way of patch applica-tion. The trigger to apply them, and the information about a specific incorporation procedure, comes from another source – just like a load file does not contain the information how to trigger or perform a recovery. The newness of this process is to transform the output of the production (according to European Pa-tent Application 9812153.2 „Verfahren zum Aendern der Software eines Systems“) into incremental loadfiles with load and symbol info, as close as possible to a standard loadfile of a „.out“ or „.elf“ for-mat, or to a ICN (Information and Communication Networks) proprietary SSPLIB 113 (secure spread library) format, and to deliver and handle these files like loadfiles on field installations. The point of this invention is a better structure and significant simplification of patch logistics from patch generation over delivery to incorporation, especially when using commercial compilers, software delivery and loading standards.