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Testing Management Toolset - Unique Concepts Inventions as 'value--add' during the testing SDLC Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010405D
Original Publication Date: 2002-Nov-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2002-Nov-27
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Generic test concepts implemented as 'value additions' to the Test Tracking Tool test management system

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  Testing Management Toolset - Unique Concepts Inventions as 'value--add' during the testing SDLC

   The Test Tracking Tool (TTT) is an IBM Test Management Repository System. TTT is enhanced to include new function that satisfies the requirements of IBM's Customer Care and Billing unit (CC&B). Not only are CC&B's requirements met by these enhancements, but also introduced are some new and exciting concepts that could be included as a generic 'value add' to many test-tools both within IBM and third party software. This document introduces the new function and provides relevance in terms of how these concepts could be applied generically.

The new function includes:

The addition of new entities: PCS (a CC&B term for a grouping of function), Function Test Sequence, System End-to-End, Quick Start test function, and hours. The addition of an interface to our Lotus Notes based defect management system - PTR. Improved usability of TTT by the provision of a logical user interface.

The specific solution addresses the requirements of CC&B by:

Adding the required fields to the forms that require them - test case scenario, test execution record. Adding new views, including summaries that provide 'real-time' management information. Building a two-way interface between TTT and PTR. The two-way interface is soft-coded and configured via the TTT and PTR administration profiles. Providing a Frameset driven interface that groups the views most used by CC&B. The three new framesets provide an overlay to the standard TTT function - they do not increase the maintenance overhead when new TTT versions are released as the new TTT versions underlay the 'value adds'.

These changes are quite significant in terms of TTT and provide approximately an extra 25 - 30% function over the tool released from the US. Importantly, the enhancements also endow the TTT system with significantly enhanced test support through the SDLC.

Detail Enhancements

Unique components of the value-add enhancements include:

Use of time as a key driver to determine test continuity. To my knowledge, most of the current test management tools use test cases to determine test continuity and if they consider time they do so as an afterthought. While most project management tools use time to provide project baselines, there is typically no direct correlation between the test tool (testcases) and the project management tool. This concept implements time based test case development support and summary to provide direct information availability for project management tools. The development of a direct interface between the Lotus Notes defect management PTR system and TTT. While defect interfacing between test tools and defect management tools is not unique, the concept here is that information can be shared between multiple defect systems and the test tool. In this case, I have built a direct interface (configured by administration profiles in both systems) between PTR and TTT and this is working in pr...