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Method for vision-focused effects Disclosure Number: IPCOM000010415D
Publication Date: 2002-Nov-27
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Disclosed is a method for vision-focused effects. Benefits include improved usability.

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Method for vision-focused effects

Disclosed is a method for vision-focused effects. Benefits include improved usability.


        � � � � � Any fan of video and computer games can expect to encounter the inevitable in the dark maze sequence where the protagonist has nothing but a small flashlight at their disposal. Countless computer and video games have simulated the in-the-dark effect by illuminating an on-screen representation of the character with a lighted halo that follows the on-screen character while the rest of the screen is dark, such as in a top-down map view in a role playing game

        � � � � � This conventional technique is still being used today. However, it is flawed for many reasons. The method requires some on-screen representation of the character so a light radius can be created. Furthermore, it is typically always implemented on a static screen. The halo of light simply follows the character around on what would typically be a completely lit map or playing screen.

        � � � � � As a result, this simulated in-the-dark effect does not really add anything to the game playing experience, when the darkened areas of the screen could just as well be lit, saving the game player a great deal of annoyance. In the end, the commonly implemented in the dark is a poor hack that is not well implemented.


        � � � � � The disclosed method implements vision-focused effects.� It adds a unique in game experience that entertains game players. By measuring a player’s eye movement and focus on the screen, specific portions of the screen can be selectively [JCW1] lit to faithfully represent being in the dark with a flashlight effect on screen.

        � � � � � The game player’s eye focus can be measured any number of...